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Lynn Gail

Lyn Gail

Lynn Gail is a travel photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. Her photographic work is represented by the world’s leading photographic agency, Getty Images - The Lonely Planet Collection and Robert Harding World Imagery.

Lynn has a passion for making a soulful connection to the diverse cultures she meets throughout her journeys. As a travel photographer she feels compelled to capture a true essence of the people and places she encounters. Lynn feels making a connection with her subjects, however brief, is important in producing eye-catching mages that reflect a rhythmic honesty in the patterns of people in their everyday lives. Assignments have taken her to the Cocos Keeling Islands, Christmas Island, Madagascar, Bali, Sardinia, and the remote homelands of the Aboriginal Yolngu people in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Lynn is a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). Her work has been exhibited throughout Western Australia and has been published internationally in travel and photographic magazines, brochures, reports and educational material. Her documentary work has also been exhibited and published in a book, The Contemporary Australian Family Photography Project, which has been exhibited in several international art galleries. Alongside receiving various international honours and awards, Lynn was also named runner-up Travel Photographer of the Year at the WA Professional Photography Awards in 2014.


Seng Mah

Seng Mah

Seng Mah is a professional photography teacher and owner of Venture Photography Workshops. His teaching encompasses everything photographic -- from classes for absolute beginners to more advanced photographic techniques, including lighting, natural light portraiture, landscapes and image post-processing. 

Seng is a fully accredited member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and was nominated as a finalist for Travel Photographer of the Year in the professional photography awards.

Seng has taken his camera to Europe, India, New Zealand, Kenya, Nepal and South East Asia and has photographed everything from landscapes, street portraiture, architecture, street scenes and more on his travels. Seng's photographic approach is firmly entrenched in his belief that you must connect with your subject, to know your subject, in order to photograph it well. Seng has shot for Surf Life Saving WA and the WA Surf Rowing League for years -- and his images have been published in two photography books on the subject: "Sons of Beaches" and "Gun's Up!". He has also exhibited in Australia, the UK and Lithuania.

Johannes Reinhart

Johannes is an acclaimed West Australian photographer. He has won numerous awards within Australia and overseas, and has also exhibited in many joint and solo exhibitions. His unique vision of the world around him has inspired many photographers to create imagery that stands out in a saturated market. Here, he sums up his life as a photographer:

It’s hard to sum up something as complex as my photography in one sentence. A lot of it is just taking pictures of anything I react to and then later finding patterns that tell me something about what’s going on in my subconscious. It’s a bit like therapy really, as photography sometimes helps me to cut through the cloud that shrouds my thinking.

I also like real a lot. Real people, honest people. People who have lived through difficult circumstances. They remind me that I’m not the only one who has a fragmented soul. Then, there’s the thrill of hunting, which keeps me going in my documentary and street photography where you never know what scene you will stumble upon next. There are also those pictures that illustrate a feeling or have a story where in reality there wasn’t any. It’s like lying with my camera, but the stories often tell me more about myself than about the people they feature.

Ultimately I shoot from the heart and if I can connect to something, I take a picture. Often with my camera, and sometimes just in my head, where I bring with me the curiosity and playfulness of a child. Then for a moment in time, leaves floating in a pond become stars in my photographic universe.

Mo Hosseini

Mo Hosseini is a professional photographer based in Perth. Mo photographs commercial, events, products, and portfolio images for his clients.  Mo purchased his first camera is his formative years, and began documenting his large extended family every year during Persian New Year, and in summer holidays. He then became an unofficial photographer of his family, numbering over 40 members.  In later years, his deep love of travel coupled with the desire to explore, resulted in a strong interest in travel photography. Mo has lived most of his adult life in Japan, Canada and Australia. But, he goes back to Iran every year and has travelled and photographed the country extensively.  He has combined his passions for photography and travel, leading various tours over many years throughout Iran, where he has developed an extensive knowledge of the history and personality of his country.  He has also travelled to and photographed Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Georgia.   Having travelled and lived in these locations, Mo speaks English, Turkish/Azeri, Persian, and Japanese.